3. Identity, Disclosure, and Representation in the Arts

Representation, outlets and exposure

This is not really an idea, but hopefully somebody will get something out of my experience... For the last three years, I have been looking for a talent representative, someone to assist me in finding appropriate engagements, outlets for my talents and skills. I have contacted all of the reputable talent agencies in U.S. (mostly LA and NY) that I can find. Not one of them answered. Here is the part I am a little embarrassed about... Talent agencies of UK did answer! One of biggest talent agencies In UK did accept me into their roster, actually!! However, that particular agency is just planning their expansion to U.S., so at this time, they are not able to assist me. I have also contacted well known PR companies. Of course, with SSDI, there is no way I can push a $20,000 retainer for four months.


You might be thinking; there are so many talented people. Of all of them, why should you receive professional representation? I do not wish to boast my credentials, right now. I am just going to say that I am a human and the only artist of my kind that ever was or ever will be. It seems as the talent industry is catering to money and big names, rather than assisting talent that happens naturally, as Creation itself intended...

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