4. Disability-Specific or Art-Specific Issues

Isolated & Unsupported

Where I am geographically located there aren't programs that can provide any support for my specific disabilities. A lot of programs are specific to locations or specific to certain disabilities.


I'd like to see more online support for artists with disabilities. I'd specifically love to see a forum or forums for artists, caregivers, and program staff to share resources and regional events, so this dialogue can go on year-round. Efforts are so fragmented and disconnected even from each other! I think even if I weren't disabled it would be overwhelming to search on my own as well as take care of myself.


I think a lot of people with disabilities like mine can be physically limited from leaving our homes or being in the right areas. The internet is offering more opportunities for some of us, sometimes, in some ways to make and share art. Can we create and contribute to a community to continue talking about using the internet to reach and support the isolated and housebound disabled, among other useful conversations?


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