2. Education and Job Training for Artists and Arts Administrators

Include "disability"

This is probably a very simple item but one that isn't done often enough. Include Disability. For arts organizations, arts service organizations, arts agencies, and arts funders, when doing outreach, creating programs, projects, or funding the same please:


1. SPECIFICALLY include disability in the list of "diversities" welcome to apply (beyond women, minorities etc). Use the word.


2. Do outreach to places and groups you may not have done outreach to before: minority serving institutions, schools, independent living centers, arts schools, community groups, etc.


3. Invite creative pros with disabilities to your festivals, to judge your competitions, to be interviewed/profiled for your newsletter etc. Ask them not just about their disability, ask them about their CRAFT.


4. Check your demographics. Just as many organizations ask folks to volunteer demographic information about themselves (age, gender, race etc.) why not add disability to the list? This gives you a better picture of who are your patrons, who are your grant submitters as well as recipients, and who are your participants. If it is voluntary, individuals can always opt out, but greater information will help you better plan.

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