3. Identity, Disclosure, and Representation in the Arts

Gallery Owners: Include Contact Information in Programs

With every Art exhibition or showing, there is usually a program describing the collection and featuring an image or two from the artists.


With permission of the artists, if the program includes contact information for the artist to very specifically include websites and blogs that feature more works, as well as emails, then that would be a huge boon to artists who are homebound, or are otherwise unable to get out and about, or even have the ability (energy, time) to "sell" themselves to the world.


In effect, if gallery owners associate contact information with images from the artists with disabilities (don't mention the disabilities) the gallery owner/manager is in effect, BRINGING THE CLIENT TO THE ARTIST.


By using the program as a platform, and associating the artwork, the gallery owner is:


1. Lending credence to the artist's name by using the good name of the gallery in association with that of the artist


2. Effectively assisting the artist in networking, even homebound artists...


3. Providing proof of artistic validity for resumes by printing out the program and ensuring the artist's name is on there.


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