2. Education and Job Training for Artists and Arts Administrators

University Guidance for Disabled Dancers

My greatest fear at this moment is transferring to a four year university as a dance major. I have search and searched for guidance of how to go about preparing for auditions. It's terrifying because realistically, it's a very slim chance that I get accepted into a dance program that will provide me with advance training in dance. Of course I can apply to universities that don't hold auditions but that's very limiting because I want to learn from the best and improve my technique. I want to advance myself in my art form and have teachers correcting me and not ignoring my presence in class. I don't want to just do improvisational work, I want to do all kinds of dances. It's a legitmate request but I find it hard to figure out the etiquette on how to make my disability not look like a limitation because I feel that even when I audition for a dance concert, choreographers are only seeing the disability not the possibilities. I am giving myself one year to prepare to become the best that I can be. It's scary when there aren't too many resources on how a disabied dancer should audition and if they should be evaluated differently from the rest of the class or if it's okay to request to show a solo so that they can see my full range of motion. I would like there to be more resources to aid performing arts career seekers to guide us through the process, even having a mentor would help!


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