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Support for Managers / Agents / Marketing Professionals?

Hi, my topic is a bit different, but I hope it's welcome here. I have cerebral palsy and use a power wheelchair. I am not an artist myself, but I'm interested in working on the business side of the arts field. I particularly enjoy working with musicians and actors, and would love to be a manager or publicist. I have found this to be more challenging than I expected! I've developed some skills and experience working with performers online, but when it comes to "real life," I face barriers. So many music venues, especially on the smaller club level, are not wheelchair accessible. It's hard to put yourself out there as a great candidate for a job when the concert after-party where you could network is held at a venue that's up a flight of stairs. It's hard to feel like a professional when you go out to dinner with a client and your wheelchair almost tips over due to a pothole or bad curb cut, and they have to help you. I can be great at the job, but there is someone out there who has the same skills and isn't limited by inaccessibility. How do I compete? I would greatly appreciate advice from anyone working in this field.


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