1. Challenges and opportunities for Careers in the Arts

Sell the "Service", not the "Thing"

Develop "Marketable" Art that only requires personalization


One of the barriers I see to "marketing" art work as a career is the high overhead of building something from start to finish.


Consider buying some inexpensive items, and then "personalizing" them through individual artists, thus making each of the pieces one-of-a-kind.


For example.


Take an article of clothing. Perhaps a t-shirt, or apron -- or best of all, in mind-- a theater costume.


T-shirts may be purchased inexpensively, but allowing artists' to put their own personal design on each t-shirt, and then marketing it as a one-of -a kind item, effectively "sells" the artist and her work.


An extrapolation of this concept is for design "services" to be offered for adding details to theatre costumes -- this is something a wheel-chair bound artist can contribute to, and....


Costume attendants are a career that is coming into high demand.




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