4. Disability-Specific or Art-Specific Issues


I believe that production companies, feature films, television projects etc. should be penalized either by a tax fine,or some sort of fine should they choose to hire a Able-Bodied actor for a role requiring a person with a Disability. I think if you penalize producing organizations where it really counts in their pocketbook and wallet they will start to care and do the right thing. I, seriously, question whether companies will take the appropriate stance unless they are truly effective in a business sense. The industry is dominated by money. Let us effect their power. By a similar token, if the production company hires a Performer With a Disability in appropriate role, or is willing to think outside the creative box – and Cast Non Traditionally they should receive some sort of tax credit or reward similar to how SAG independent film for Diversity Clause, and such. I think more needs to be done other than boycotting a movie or other creative project once the project is out in front of the public. Thank you for considering this idea.


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