3. Identity, Disclosure, and Representation in the Arts

People with disabilities and arts administration employment

I see a lot of conversation in this forum focused on artists with disabilities. I am wondering how we can encourage the arts administration field to be more inclusive of people with disabilities as well.


I am a person with a disability (low vision) who is very lucky to have gainful and gratifying employment as a program director at a non-profit arts organization. I attend many national and international conferences and field convenings and am always struck by how under-represented people with disabilities are in these settings.


I am encouraging my organization to engage candidates with disabilities when we have job openings. It is a matter of getting those in hiring positions to understand that accommodation is often not nearly as expensive or difficult as it is often perceived while pushing to include disabilities part of the equity/inclusion conversation frame.


Question to the field - what can we do better to encourage arts administration employers to include more disabled voices in their staffing? What orgs are doing good work and setting an example to follow?




adam Perry

Senior Program Director

Arts Midwest



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