3. Identity, Disclosure, and Representation in the Arts

Inclusion WORKS, really it does

Cultural trends are directing us towards more inclusive environments where disability is simply part of the mix, adding to the diversity of the place! Our young people are growing up with more inclusion and they making better choices about their siblings and children for education and long term care, etc. This is an opportunity for arts/accessibility issues to jump on a trend and encourage these trend setters to push the limits! Lets use ART to highlight people, activities and spaces where passion rules and disability fades away! Through exhibition and artistic expression (film, theatre, literary) the artistic community can be a cheerleading the X and Y Generations and encourage them to push the boundaries of inclusion in every arena!!!

All that said, disclosure is a personal thing! The proper thing is for the artist to choose and for everything to be in question.... in the Imagine Art community you never know if a work of art is created by a staff, volunteer, a board member and if the person is disabled or not disabled. They choose to disclose in their statements and bios. Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes they are not even thinking about it because they have moved on to some deeper expression they want to communicate.


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