4. Disability-Specific or Art-Specific Issues

Art as a REAL Career?

When we decided to be artists our parents said, "Really?... are you sure you don't want to be an accountant?" They were afraid we would never survive financially!

The state VR agencies have "parent-like" power over career choices for people with disabilities. Because people need specialized supports to get jobs, be trained on jobs and keep jobs, the state VR is able to dictate what is appropriate career directions. Somewhere in history the state VR decided that blind people can run cafes in Texas. The VR invested in partnership and training and Lo! now every state building has a cafe run by a blind person! Ingenious way to support the blind in small business development.

Well, what about the arts? Some people with disabilities have a hard time finding the right job and keeping it! Making Art is natural for many and some with significant disabilities have Medicaid Waiver dollars for attendant care support. These attendants can and should be directed to support daily job functions. Why not make art for a living? Why not creatively leverage existing resources to set up self-employment for a person who may never have experienced a job? It makes sense.


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