4. Disability-Specific or Art-Specific Issues

Repurpose State Supported Living Centers into Arts Districts

Imagine Art has this crazy idea to partner with the state of Texas and repurpose our existing state supported living centers as Arts Districts. In Austin we have a growing problem of affordability and artist live-work spaces. We also have major gaps in provider services for long-term care options for people with disabilities. The state owns 13 properties (most of which are 100 acres) and they direct $663 million in our state budget to run these places. Only 1300 people live there, total!

I know, it is beyond ridiculous. Unfortunately we do not have the services in place to offer safe, quality living experiences.... if you can close it then let's repurpose it to meet the needs of a city! Lets partner with those who know how to make amazing spaces (mixed used commercial/nonprofit destinations). Let's invite artists and nonprofits struggling with affordability. Lets create public galleries, studios and theaters and establish a culture of inclusion that causes the nation to say, "WHOA!!!"



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