2. Education and Job Training for Artists and Arts Administrators

Performing Arts Studio West



is a state-funded, one of a kind non-profit affiliated professional training facility for adults with developmental disabilities. Curriculum includes acting, music, dance, theater and new media production, recording, studio engineering, digital illustration, animation, and more. PASW also provides talent management services and on-set coaching for actors with disabilities appearing in film, television, commercials, theater, and music videos. PASW actors have appeared in over 1,500 roles since the studio's inception in 1998.




Performing Arts Studio West’s mission is to provide an environment where adults with developmental disabilities can enhance self-esteem, social skills, and employment opportunities through participation in a performing arts curriculum combined with a vocational training component.




Our goal is to support our clients in achieving their optimum level of physical and emotional well-being while attaining the skills necessary to succeed personally and professionally.




PASW trains and represents actors and performers with Aspergers syndrome, autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy (CP), and other developmental disabilities.




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