3. Identity, Disclosure, and Representation in the Arts

Disability Identification Cards

ROUGH DRAFT:I live with disabilities that are not able to be seen by others. Please take a moment to think about what that would feel like for you to experience.


My disabilities are not invisible to my service dog, yet they are to other humyns..


The invisibility of my illnesses causes many problems for me in my daily life. Ironically, it would be so easy to remedy this struggle for all of us with invisible disabilities. (The good news is that slowly and steadily, people in the USA are more aware of the fact that service animals can be a great assistance for those of us with disabilities).


It would be great to have a card stating that we have disabilities. More specifically, when we are determined to be disabled by US Government, we should get an ID card. Also, If we have not been able to be approved for Disability, Doctors should be able to submit paperwork to the US Government, so that identity cards can be issued to us if we wish. On a personal note, because folks cannot see my disabilities, there has not been one day in the past five years, that I have not been discriminated against. If I simply had an ID card (rather than my Medicare card that has my SSN on it) my life would be so much easier. I am sure I am not the only person who feels this way.

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