3. Identity, Disclosure, and Representation in the Arts

Lights! Camera! Access! 2.0/The Disability Narrative Imperative

Lights! Camera! Access! 2.0 (LCA2.0) in an innovative initiative adopted by the Clinton Global Initiative as a two-year commitment to action in three areas:


1) increased employment in front of and behind the camera/keyboard/microphone ad stage:


2) improve authentic disability portrayals across delivery platforms AKA "The Disability Narrative Imperative" working with The ADA Legacy Project's "DisBeat" and disability grass roots leaders to develop authentic storylines and develop the next generation of storytellers and filmmakers with disabilities and their mentors so that professionals with disabilities in media will be encouraged to self-ID.


3) increasing accessible entertainment with architectural and website access, captions and audio descriptions.


LCA2.0 is a dynamic collaboration of media (TV, film, advertising, theatre and interactive companies, networks, studios, agencies, industry associations, among others) academic, youth, diversity organizations serving youth and veterans with disabilities.


Our strategies include:


1) Co-branded internships, scholarships and apprenticeships such as our CBS News/Lights! Camera! Access! 2.0 internship - now in its 2nd year;


2) Quarterly webinars as overviews to industries such as TV, film, advertising, theatre and interactive for up to 1,000 youth, students, college grads and vets with disabilities on the basics of each industry; including building resumes, demo reels, interview skills and "how to market yourself" workshops and


3) Location-specific resume review/speed interviewing in top media markets such as October 31 at CUNY and in November in Los Angeles. Future markets include DC, Chicago, Boston, SF and Atlanta.


Our primary youth partners are National Disability Mentoring Coalition, PolicyWorks, Deaf Film Camp and SIGNmation - we invite you to join us and participate, so youth with disabilities, particularly from historically excluded communities can gain access to training and employment in all forms of performing arts and management and become our next generation of filmmakers, storytellers, reporters, actors, directors, writers, accessible game designers in TV, film, advertising, theatre, radio and emerging and interactive digital platforms.

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