4. Disability-Specific or Art-Specific Issues

Reflection #3

1. Funding needs to encapsulate the full scope of potential needs of each individual and how they may or may not be able to get access into the social places and on jobs that will allow them the 'enhanced learning and application. Thus, as example, if you have work that a person can do or feel that they can with some basic instructions they should be encouraged to do so and not dis-encourage by relegating person(s) to work 'perform' a position in a 'lower' position or state that 'they cannot do a specific 'job function' because 'if they do not have the background' or former skills or training. Many people learn in very different ways; the assumption that a person who may be able to learn by doing has been completely dismissed by surprisingly 'leader' and this is concerning. If this is the 'new' work force then there is again the need to ‘educate’ and hold folks accountable -- agencies, organization, entities to find ways to be more Open and do not presume a person can't do ‘it’ or ‘something’ a function or that they can and yet doesn't deserve to give them a try. This is a very bad example of 'leadership' and it is isolating if not pure demeaning or is this yet another power play or threat of what if? Again, the Lines of 'class' or (fear) of someone with respect (otherly or physically or differently able) 'ability' or intelligence' placed in a position where they can perhaps (do more than they may 'appear' to be able to do). This is loaded and it is disrespectful. I feel for those who may experience this and those who may not be able to Speak up for themselves because out of fear -- I would like to encourage that if this is experienced let's find ways or find a way to Open up express yourself or seek the issue with a Watchdog who can facilitate change because a lot is at stake for everyone each human deserves to have access and folks who made need access when covertly or overtly denied is slick designations of getting rid of one and that dissuades application of a position of power that a person needs to have access to.

*please know this can also get a person fired but I encourage folks to have someone to talk to about their job issues where they think they may be able to do something and are not given the chance to either succeed or fail even if by trying. Thus it is ok not to be correct or Perfect with everything and folks need to accept what they can or cannot do and feel ok about it. To use this as a tool against a person is like bullying and it disruptive and not constructive leadership as a-- you know ---CEO or an ED or AD - or whomever or whatever title is used---having worked in both worlds corporate and otherwise whatever the title is watch the dynamics. Watch the elections as an example: Lessons will be learned. We need to find ways so that the 'worker' or 'Cultural Worker' is empowered (again that word returns) but every person has their own power (when they can exercise it and fairly so... . That said: there have been fowls. Some Flagrant! Watch the Warriors if you can. Or hear-- listen to them resolve issues on the court!? If you can. What a wonderful world we’d have if we were all sports players not only would be wealthy with $ wealthy – as being wealthy is not only with $ but we’d also have someone watching over our shoulder and respectfully! Have someone translate their plays and take on the next audition. Take a friend with you or a witness and in all spaces if necessary or if you can. Take mental notes for fair play. Some folks -- They need to be called: Out!


2. Create a plan that encourages 'education' (different modalities) some folks learn by sight others are kinectic, and some get overwhelmed with too much visuals, etc. this has to be better understood and in many way can also be a part of the in question 'disability' as with 'trauma' it impacts how one learns and cognition and more - many are clueless of this and it is 2016 am I am aghast to see this taking place in certain spaces in the world and on yes the media ---and in magazine-- culture---movies---of those who are in the position to give access to not just a few but to a wider number of folks who need to enter into the field of the 'art world' - this is a narrow term but it include all spheres in all work places and even everyday interchanges in our everyday encounters - we all play a role in this. Look at your own family and you get a sense of how power -- class and dismissals or omissions and assumptions about (who is able and how are they able?) The challenge is that 'artist' and the culture creates administrative demands due to the increasing culture of the internet. This must be taken into consideration for time management in seeking 'work' in the labor force if one is not already working, etc.


3. Finding incentives for ALL to access the social spaces to literally exhibit ones 'art;' or whatever the service is they are providing or desiring to secure or import or export -- that they are not in a defined category and document the results of the responses to such actions that do not accomplish some of the above. Not everything has to be filed as a 'complaint' I suggest that more creative ways to dealing with issues of 'Point Blank discrimination and dismissals and degrading (de-powering) aka 'dis-empowering' one while they are trying to be a part of the world is a great dis-service to the ideals of upholding integrity needed where ethics come into play is a troubling concern. Folks need to work on their own issues before they go to their 'jobs' and examine their own power issues. See and diagnose a company or agency and just as we must diagnosed our own issues at the end of the day and do something about it to help resolve the matters at hand where 'work' or the 'labor' force is concerned. Give folks what they need entrance - and choosing one or five folks over 1,000 or 2,000 applications (not only when the 'competition' is within a country or region but also International!) and (a few unknown or known juries) or a few in power to change your life chances and charging fees and only funding only 3 people is: Shocking!

Time spent on preparing even the % of the determining factor of rating applications needs an overall change…

Yes, charging a fee is important, and I support it, as do some other folks i have spoken to but if you are only funding a few people this is a joke and it should play square.

I also think that not every 'worker' fits with certain (energies) and no one should have to endure dynamics unless they are trying to work on their issues of improving the situation and/or their life need to be where they are NOT WELCOMED - it is a waste of time for all involved. I have had some conversations and others agree! Reality Check.


Note: Thank you for the chance to participate - it is time consuming and the world is demanding more administrative duties aside from being a part of any 'work' labor force - so time is precious for everyone. Please accept this as is. It is a process I truly appreciate. I do not know if I can continue. Thank you. I hope this helps to resolve some access to the need for sustainable future where balance and harmony exists. And help folks get into galleries and museum(s) where they may otherwise be shut OUT! 3 year wait? Ok. So we must go figure develop your art, develop yourself, grow, share, and help give back to humanity and keep the peace and volunteering is a great way but you need a VOICE. Do not be bullied or stand up with others. Share with others what you can when you can. I am used to 'no' so I've had enough that I grew through over the years through ill health to improved. Do not let the 'job' work' labor decrease or take from you your well-being. Good luck!


P.S. I suggest an overall investigation in these spaces and research on how folks are choosing whom to create their next art work and/or hire or allow them to be a co-worker sharing their job -- yes I do think sharing jobs can work. The culture today needs to decrease its demands because of technology demands more and cuts into the day by a large percentage of time that needs to deal with LIFE. Get John Quiones in on this. Let's see how we all fare with how we treat each other and improve. High Road! Practice. Practice, Practice. You are perfect as you are and the work force needs to step up and include. As well the roles in theater - Great Seeing Marlee wasn't it?!

Needs more inclusion in ALL areas... . Not just Five!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After 70 years! ?

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