4. Disability-Specific or Art-Specific Issues

Public School Classroom Aide

Since so many public schools have removed art from the classroom, I would like to see a grant written that would support it's return or to use public schools to offer after school art programs. In my area which includes Oregon and SW Washington, I see children who have no time allowed for drawing to express themselves. I will draw, even for 5 minutes, with my challenged students, and it increases their ability to focus. Sadly, it is completely absent in the L.E.A.P. Program that the schools are increasingly adopting. L.E.A.P. blends the children with disabilities (obvious disabilities) into a group of Normals. This is increasing the testable IQ's of all the children, and although I hate the word Normal, the idea seems to be to NOT label the children with disabilities. The issue I see that I don't like, is there is, as I said NO art, except in some Preschool programs that are for anyone that is challenged, for example non native English Speakers, and only minimal .


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